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Friday, May 2, 2014

Long weekend and Property Seminar

I know that many readers are taking today off to
have a super long weekend to relax and take a 
good break. It is always beneficial to enjoy a 
day off to indulge in the things that you always
wanted to do but always don't have the time
to do so. I love to read, but for quite many years,
I have been reading only those books that will 
"bring" in money. Stock trading/investing and 
Property investment books are the most in my
book collection, and I can't recall when was the
last time I read a novel or some other fiction
books, although I still read those boring history
stuff at times. It is time to head to the library or
the book stores again to find a good read .

I have given out 5 tickets to the Consumer Empowerment
Seminar on the 27th May.
Yes, I know there are still time left to my closing
deadline of 20th May, but do take note that once
all the tickets have been given out, then that's it.
If you want to find out how the property market will
be heading in 2014 and beyond, and whether you
should enter the market NOW, then you really should
come to seminar on the 27th May.
Here is the link to the Consumer Empowerment Seminar 

Next, if you want to know whether you should buy
a EC NOW, then you should come to the Skypark
Residences Bonanza tomorrow. My CEO Mr Ismail
will be speaking about the topic from 3.30-5pm
It will be a fun-filled event with lots of activities for
the kids while the parents can find out about the
project. If you are interested to go the Bonanza,
then head to Skypark Residences

Lastly, if you want to invest in overseas property
and London is one of your choices, then you will
be interested in RISE @ The Deptford, UK, London
RSVP the above 2 event @ 97509878

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stock Market and Property blog update

Ok, look like Mr Market is really taking a good break and
I received some enquiries at Skype on how long it is
going to last. Frankly, after my dinner with Mr Market
yesterday night, I can only say that your guess is as
good as mine. I believe you can either take another
2 days break or at this time, try to look for the uncommon
green leaves among the red flowers. I noticed there
are a few yesterday and I will continue to monitor them.

Next, if you grab hold of a copy of ZaoBao today, you
will see that there is a featured agent section in a
Propnex advert, and you will find me inside.
Also, the readers can visit my recently-setup property blog,
Singapore Property Lobang  where you can read
about the happenings in the property market.
Most importantly, I am giving away FREE tickets to Propnex's
Consumer Empowerment Seminar on the 27th May.
There are only 50 tickets for grab, and you can find
out the detail in the blog.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick update and My Property blog

Indeed, the market went into a profit-taking mood
as expected in the blog yesterday. Many recent
stock darlings were battered and it can only be
good for the readers again. I am expecting another
surge after the current selling, as the majority reporting
season will start in May. Look out for any good
potential stock trading candidates.

Next, I have a Property Blog, Singapore Property Lobang,
which I had setup recently. It is still a in-progress blog
and I will be adding more information and good property
lobang into the blog. For the time being, if you have
feedback regarding the blog, like you find the colour dull
and dark, or you don't like the interface, just inform me.
If you have any property enquiries, you can also
contact me for a friendly discussion.

Lastly, I will be on Zaobao tomorrow for a company
featured agent advertisement. If you are interested to
know more, just get a copy of Zaobao.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Short update of the week

Ok, it is a fresh and bright Monday morning after
the rain and it is a great feeling today.
I just got a few things to say, and it involve
both stocks and property.

I believe most readers will know that we have
a public holiday, Labour Day, on this Thursday.
Therefore, it is good to be cautious for the next
3 trading days as I believe profit-taking will take
place. Don't worry, it is not a full-scale correction,
it is just a normal kit-kat time.

Ok, we go on to a couple of stocks that I mentioned
last week or a few weeks ago. Very interestingly and
almost predictable, a few readers asked me at Skype
whether they can still buy Fraser Centrepoint now.
Few weeks ago, I recommended Fraser as an investment
stock and it is hovering around the $1.52 mark at
that time. Last Friday, it closed at 1.70 and it is a
12% jump in weeks. My fundamental target for it
is in the region of $1.80-2 which is a stone-throw away.
Technically, it is very near to its short historical high
of $1.735, and I believe it is highly to test the level.
For those readers that wish to enter the stock, do
note that you will be entering at a higher risk.
Yes, there are still potential upside but just be aware
that there is higher risk now too.

Lastly, I believe that the readers should know that I
am a property agent with Propnex now. I will be
among a selection of featured agents in an company
advert in ZaoBao this Wednesday, 30th April.
If you are interested to read the report, get a copy
of ZaoBao this Wednesday.


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