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Friday, September 5, 2014

First EC in Jurong for the last 17 years: Lake Life

I know that I did say that I will not write about
property stuff in this blog, but this great project
is something that I really believe in, and I
sincerely hope that the readers will benefit
and take advantage of this great money-making
no-brainer opportunity.

Ok, finally after a long wait of 17 years, Jurong
is going to have a Executive Condominium
along the much-talk-about future development
district of Jurong Lakeside. The project is
Lake Life,  imagine the life along the
Jurong lake region.

Where is the location?

What are the potential of the Jurong Lakeside region?

Even our dearest PM Lee is also promoting the
Jurong Lakeside plan, read about it Here

I will write more on this project over the weekend.
For the time being, if you are living in the west and
have been stretching your neck to the maximum
and longing for an upgrade opportunity, this is
your greatest chance to do so without breaking
the bank. Given the massive plan on the region,
it is really a no-brainer to apply for the EC and
enjoy the location growth and the huge upside
potential (aka capital appreciation, layman term:
BIG profits) that comes with it.
Contact me through whatsapp @ 97509878 and
I can answer your doubts and questions asap.


Monday, September 1, 2014

No spark seen in Centurion and other stocks

Somehow there is no spark seen in Centurion
which I mentioned in last week blog. I will
continue to watch over the stock and hopefully
I can see some sparks starting to appear
with the stock.

Guys, it is time to look at the Triyard, Ezion
and Ezra as the chart are showing signs that
they will be the focus for a good time.
Do watch them...


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