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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

THE Announcement

Hello Everyone,
Just a short summary about the background of this
blog. I setup this blog way back in 2008 and I have
provided daily Market View about the general Singapore
market situation and also on specific and particular
stocks too. 7 years had passed and although I have
to say that Stock Market and stock trading had been
my First Love, I started to look for other money-making
opportunities along the way.

If you have been a readers of this blog for some time,
you will know that I am an avid readers of many subjects
& topics,and it is because of this good habit that I pick up
books on Property and Real Estate. Also it is during
this period that I also ventured into property buying
and selling too. I was delighted to know and realised
the true potential of this sector and I begin to find out
how I can join this sector. I went for the RES course and
sat for the exam, and after a 4 weeks waiting period,
I am glad to have passed the exam in one try.
After another few weeks of applying, I am thrilled to
announce that I am an Real Estate Salesperson (RES)
or just simply a Property Agent with Propnex now.

I got friends and relatives that pour me icy cold water
that the property market is like a ghost town and very
dead quiet now. I don't know whether the readers did
read my blog well. If you do, you will notice that the sub-heading
of this blog is "危机就是转机!! The Chinese use two brush
strokes to write the word "Crisis". One brush stroke stands
for Danger, the other for Opportunity. In a Crisis, be aware
of the Danger but recognise the Opportunity. - Former US
President Richard Nixon"

It is because of this "Crisis" that I am going into the market.
I like challenges and I enjoy taking the challenges head-on.
Right now, I am learning all I can about the property market
and I can only hope that my brain is like a very big sponge
to absorb all that is essential in this line. I believe that your
attitude in dealing with challenges will determine the altitude
that you can achieve in life. That is why I am stepping out
of my comfort zone and took the plunge into the unknown
aka the property market. Some readers may feel that I have
made the wrong decision but I believe I am right and I am
willing to stick to my choice.

Ok, some readers will ask, what about this blog and the
market view that I wrote so diligently for so many years?
I did write before that I am not going to do a daily Market
View for now on, but rest assured that I will still contribute
to this blog regularly. I would say it will be at least 2 post
per week. I will still talk about the general market condition
and on particular stocks as well. Oh ya, for those that are
in the Mentor Group, I will still be writing to you all too.
I started up in stock trading and although the frequency
had dropped significantly for me, I still can feel the vibes
and rhythm of Mr Market.

Frankly, although my time in the property market is still
rather short, but I observe that there are many similarities
between the stock market and property market some ways
or another. I will seek to share some of my observations.

Another reason why I join as a RES is to help the readers
in all the housing/property issues that you may have at some
point of your life. I seek to be a problem-solver in helping
the readers in their first property, second and even multiple
properties in the residential, commercial, industrial and
even the overseas market. Regardless of whether you are
thinking of upgrading, downgrading, taking big chunks of
profits off the current properties, or simply you just want
to talk to someone about making important property
decisions, you can look for me.

Allow me to formally introduce myself who is only known
to many as Stock Lobang or SL in the Skype chat.
My name is Nicholas and I am with the largest property
agency in Singapore, Propnex. You can call/sms/whatspp
me at my hp @ 97509878 for your property enquiries. 
I can't stop the readers from asking me about certain stocks
at my hp but I may not be able to provide timely advices
on the stock as I may not have the technical chart with me.
It will be better if the readers can whatsapp or telegram or
wechat me as I may not be available top pick up your call.

I have setup a property blog Singapore Property Lobang 
which I will update on the Good Buy, Best Buy, Must Buy
in the property market and also highlight the trend and news
on the property market. It is not 100% operational yet but
please look out for it soon. Also, with regard to the property
related question, you can also email me  at new address

From what I gather and notice for the last few weeks after
I joined this sector, the consumers are rather lost and don't
know what to do in this challenging time. Should they buy,
Should they sell, or just rather, Should they just do nothing
and wait for the signs from the Almighty? Do you also have
the Deja Vu feeling about the stock market now?
Now do you believe me when I say that there are similarities
between the 2 markets? I believe that I am able to help the
readers with you properties issue the same case I helped
the readers with the stock market issues for the last many years.

In my own humble opinion, I believe that NOW is a good
time and opportunity to grab/buy/invest in  property.
Don't wait till the market make a U-Turn and when
you miss the boat, then as usual, I will be hearing lots
of "I Should Have" and in Chinese, "早知道"!
I will be sharing more property opportunities in the
property blog soon.... 




Sunday, March 30, 2014

Important Announcement delayed by one day!

Hello to all the readers,
due to a last-minute commitment, I have to delay
the important announcement by a day to 1st April.
No... No... this is not a April's Fool Joke.
I am really going to have something to tell the readers
on Tuesday. It is going to benefit all readers in some
form or another. Stay tuned for it....


Please be aware that I am not a Certified or Qualified Financial Adviser, the views and recommendation on this blog is purely my own.

Please seek investment/trading advices from your Financial Professionals, Dealers, Remisiers before making any investing/trading decisions.

I will not be responsible and liable for any losses incur from my views and recommendations in my blog.

Take note that I may have current positions or seek to enter or add positions in the stocks that I wrote in my blog.

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