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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Short View on Metro

About 2 weeks ago, I wrote exactly on this blog,"
Next, to put it on record what I told quite many
readers on skype from last week till today.
I told them that Metro is a good buy for short-term
horizon. Take note that I did not say it is a good
contra target now. To me, I am looking at at least
20% returns from Metro in the short near term.
It is still looking very good on the chart and the
only thing lacking is a continual follow-through
volume, which I believe will come soon enough.
When I said that Fraser can reach $2 last month,
there are also many people who don't believe me....
The rest is History."

Then the next day, on 5th June, I wrote,"
Next, we have Metro.  I wrote that I am looking at a 20% returns from the stock with a short-term view. This was what I told many readers who asked me about the stock in Skype. Do take note that  this is NOT a contra trade. This can be considered as a short-term investment with a high return potential. As long as the gap of 96-965cts is not covered, Metro should be on track to head above the $1  mark again and higher it can go."

The best price that anyone can get from Metro
over the last couple of trading days after I wrote
on the stock is 98cts and the worst price is 
99.5cts. Metro burst into into late in the day
and closed a bid off day-high at $1.02
As usual, there are people skyped and whatsapp
me and asked why did it surge, what happen to 
the stock? Then when I asked them whether they
bought the stock, they replied "I wanted to.....",
"I intend to...", " I was waiting..." To me, all these
above "I..." belong to very simply "I Should Have.."

To the readers who are in the stock with an average
price of 98.5cts, your "at least" short term 20% returns
will be from $1.18 onward
To the "I Should Have", I believe that Metro is on 
a good run-up, and although your entry price is higher
now, you should be able to have a decent returns too.
No more "I Should Have" please....

Lastly, can those in the stock from 98-99.5cts  give me
an indication that at least there are readers who took

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stock Lobang Mentor Group Update

2 days ago, at the Consumer Property Expo, a blog
readers asked me why I never update the Mentor
Group for so long and that she was waiting and
waiting for my update. My face turned red with
embarrassment and I stood there speechless.
I promised the reader that I will do something
about it and "compensate" for the loss time.
When I was back home, I checked the Mentor Group
and discovered that my last update was last
September which was a shocking 6 months ago.
Although I am involve with real estate now but
that is not an excuse for not providing support and
update to the Mentor Group. For this, I am greatly
sorry to the Mentor Group members. Please give me
a chance to compensate and to fulfill my promises to
you again. I will start updating the Mentor Group from
1st July and the members should know where to get
the latest update. For those readers who submitted
the application at the beginning of the year, you are
all in the Mentor Group and you should receive an
confirmation email before 1st July.
Do take note that I WILL NOT be taking in any
more members into the Mentor Group as I am already
stretching to meet the commitment to different
sources. I don't foresee that I will be opening up
the group again in the near future. We shall see how
it goes next year.
Once again, to the current Mentor Group members,
please accept my sincere apology. And do watch out
for the update in the Mentor Group platform.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Market View for this week & Property Expo

As usual, England disappoints me in their
encounter with Italy but Holland show why I
rate them that highly when they thrashed Spain.
I still watch at least a live game every night and
I believe I still have the energy to continue to
do so.

Ok, come back to the stock market.
I saw a pool of reds in my watchlist and Top Volume
at the moment and I believe that the readers
will be wondering whether this is a good time
to grab some stocks. Yes, indeed, in my own
humble opinion, Now is exactly the right time
to start to eat up some good bargains.

During the Consumer Property Expo held on last
Saturday, I told a loyal and attractive reader of a
stock that I believe will move up soon. Before I
disclose the stock, I would like to bring out what
I said about a stock way back in 11 February post.
I wrote," Frankly, I am quite surprised to see
stocks like Pacific Radiance and Linc Energy trading
at today's price. They are not even 10% above their
IPO listed price. My personal view is that Pacific
Radiance is a >$1.20, that mean another 25%
upside from current price."
At that time, Pacific Radiance is trading around the
96cts level. Fast forward to the month of June,
and its recent high was $1.35, not too bad for a 
39cts or a 40% gain from the time I recommended
the stock.

Why am I mentioning about Pacific Radiance today?
It is because the stock that I am going to recommend
will perform exactly like Pacific Radiance.
That stock is POSH, U6C, PACC Offshore Services 
Holdings. Looking at the chart and its fundamental,
I am quite confident that it will deliver what I expect
of the stock. It is still hanging very near to its IPO
price of 1.15 which I believe is a fantastic price to
buy if you never get it from it from the public subscription.
When I recommended Pacific Radiance, it was at
96cts, quite near to its IPO price of 90cts. Now 
POSH is even closer to its IPO price. What is the
potential upside that I am looking at? 
I believe a 20-30% upside is not a too-tall order.

Lastly, I will talk a bit on the Consumer Property
Expo held 2 days ago. In total, 7 readers came 
to the event to look at the various properties on
show-case and also listen to what my CEO 
Mr Ismail have to share on the property market.
From the responses from the readers, they did 
learn and gain knowledge on the property market
that will enable a clearer picture to make their
property investment/upgrading decisions.
The next big event that I have is the Consumer
Empowerment Seminar on the 7th August, just
2 days before the National Day.
If you are interested, you can register with me NOW
as I will be giving out FREE ticket once again.



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