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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last Last Minute Seminar announcement

Hi all readers,
If you are interested in a last-minute FOC property
seminar tomorrow, Sunday, 11th May 2014, then
please refer to the link before:
Last Minute Property Seminar

Friday, May 9, 2014

Quick Update on some stocks & Consumer Empowerment Seminar

It is so glad to see Fraser Centrepoint continue to
go up as when I started recommended to the readers
at this blog, it was trading around the 1.52 level only.
The stock hit a new "historical" high of 1.76 and closed
at a fantastic 1.75 It is trading very near to my target
of 1.80-2 level and I believe it should be able to test it.
I don't know whether the readers are aware, but the
company will announce its half-year result today.
Some readers I talked to are expecting a first-time
interim dividend to be given out. I don't want to be
predicting and expecting too much, but yes, we can
certainly look forward to that.

Some readers asked me why is Fraser Centrepoint
running while the general property market is not
doing well. First and foremost, the property market
is not as bad as what the press are saying. The press
are reporting past history report figures that already expired
at least 3-6 months ago. Next, Fraser Centrepoint is
a big property developer with multiple businesses
other than of course develop and selling properties.
I continue to trust the property market potential and
also the same can be say about Fraser Centrpoint,
which can be a great winner like my former superb
recommendations of STX OSV (Now Vard), China Minzhong,
Sinograndness and many more.....

Ok, we come to the issue of the FOC Consumer Empowerment
Seminar. It is so rewarding that over the last 2 days,
I have given out several tickets to university students willing to
learn about the property market at such a young age.
I am left with 30 tickets to be given out to readers who
whatsapp me before the 20th. The ticket can be collected
from me on the actual day and actual location and it will
be very easy, as I am quite a "prominent" figure.
Whatsapp me at 97509878 and reserve your tickets today.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some observations on the market

Did anyone spot the spectacular recovery by the
US indices yesterday night? Dow was down as
much as 136 points but rebounded to close up
18 points. The same thing happened to both
Nasdaq and S&P 500 as they also close up in
the positive territory after suffering early losses.
What can we observe from the recovery?
I believe that there are still reasonably strength in
the US market and I foresee that May isn't going
to be as boring and lifeless as some had expected.

Some readers asked me in Skype what do I mean
"This week is obviously going to be a "collection"
and "accumulation" week for the BBs and the real
action will start from next week when we are back
from Vesak Day holiday."?
Well, I believe that the BBs will try to buy and collect
enough stock this week and they will stage a mini
buy-up next week. The price of most stock this week
will remain stable as the BBs will try to absorb any
selling while they build up their war-chest for the
coming surge. This is my personal viewpoint right now.

Next, the responses to the Consumer Empowerment Seminar
tickets had been quite encouraging as I have given
out more than 10 tickets already.  If you are still interested
to come for the 27th May event, then please take action and
whatsapp me @ 97509878 asap. Once the 50 tickets have
been given up, that's it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Short market view for this week

Ok, I am just going to say out my own personal
view about how the market is going to perform
this week and the following few weeks.
This week is obviously going to be a "collection"
and "accumulation" week for the BBs and the real
action will start from next week when we are back
from Vesak Day holiday. How can I be sure of that?
I can't and like what I just mentioned, this is my
personal viewpoint of the market now.
And I just feel that it is going to materialise anyway.

Next, we come to the Consumer Empowerment Seminar
tickets. I am left with 41 tickets right now, and if
you are interested to attend the 27th May event,
then whatsapp me at 97509878. It is totally FOC
but I believe you will definitely walk out of the
seminar knowing what to do with the property market.


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