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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guocoleisure and Fraser Centrepoint update

Ok, just a short update before the public holiday tomorrow.
GuocoLeisure continued to surge higher this morning,
and hit a day-high $1.00 with one lot. How do I see this
stock now? I am still quite bullish on this stock and I see
it passing the $1 mark again pretty soon. I maybe wrong
on this and it will be better if the readers have a trailing
stop just in case.

Next, we have Fraser Centrepoint to talk about.
It hit a day-high of 1.63 yesterday and it is hovering
around the 1.61 level at the point of writing.
When I recommended the stock last Monday, it
was still at about 1.53 level, what more can I say.

Lastly, I wish all readers a Wonderful and Happy Easter Holiday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

View on Guocoleisure

I will just keep it simple for today.
Last week, when some readers asked me for
a potential stock that may breakout this week,
I told them "Guocoleisure" after consulting with
my trusted chart. Indeed the stock surge up
yesterday and closed at a day-high.
What is my opinion on the stock now?
I believe it still has the energy and fuel to fly
higher and higher.
Be aware that if the stock move below 93 then
it is time to cut loss.

In the meantime, did u see what is Fraser Centrepoint
price right now? It is trading at 1.605 right now.
Coming to 10cts from the time that I recommended
it recently. Did you benefit from it?


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