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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Years!

A very great Hello to all the members who read this blog!
How is everyone doing?
I am so damn busy these couple of months doing my
property stuffs. As always, 万事起头难, 只怕有心人,
but after all the learning and searching and doing,
I finally get the gist out of all the busy stuffs.
Like what I mentioned, if you can't 先知先觉,
then the least you can do is 后知后觉, but never
never 不知不觉, and be the one who asked," What Happened?"
when the battle had already ended and the war is won.
Somehow, I 后知后觉 some experiences and actual
happening from my few months in the industry that I
know how to progress and play the game from now on.
I believe that I can perform a lot much better next year
and the years that follow than this year. I did reasonably
Ok for this year as I have very kind clients who supported
me and I guess Lady Luck smiled on me on a couple
of occasions too. Nevertheless, from now on I need to
works on my leads harder and close more deals to the
benefits of the clients' requirements and needs.

Next, the readers may ask what will happen to this
blog as it seems that I will be more busy with the
property stuff next year.
Somehow, on the contrary, I will be able to spend
more time in this blog and with the Mentor Group
members next year. How can I manage to achieve
it when I have only 24 hours like all readers.
Well, I believe there is such thing call "Time Management"
and that is exactly how I can achieve doing so.
I will be doing a writeup on my own personal view
on 2015 market and I shall reveal some stock picks
that I spotted from the trusted chart.

For readers interested to know more about Equities and
the Real Estate market together from the experts,
there is a Investment Outlook Seminar 2015 organised
by Singcapital and Propnex on Saturday 17 January 2015.
I am thinking of sponsoring some tickets to readers interested
of going but please make sure that you are confirmed able to
 attend, as I don't wish to waste the tickets and of course my "effort".
Whatsapp me, Nicholas, at 97509878 and state your
interest by 10 January 2015 and I will decide and inform
of how many readers can attend it FOC.

Lastly, I want to wish all the readers Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year 2015!
I can only see the good, the better and the best things
coming to all of us the next year!!
I also wish our nation Happy 50th Birthday in advance!!!


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