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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dividend from Metro and Stock Burst again

Ok, a reader left the below comment this afternoon,
" Anonymous said...
hi mr sl yesterday received a cheque $3000 dividend
from metro and my friend also received $2400 happy .
thanks you very much."
I believe that the reader have 50 lots and his friend
have 40 lots as the dividend is 6cts. I am not sure
at what price did the reader and his friend bought
Metro at, but the transaction figure should be quite
near to 50k and 40k each. I don't know about how
the other blog readers view, but this is quite a confident
purchase to me.

Regarding the dividend received, I will definitely tell
the readers to re-invest the dividend back into the
market after spending maybe 10% on a good meal
and maybe get a football jersey of your favourite team.
Even if the reader were to buy Metro again, he can
buy another 3 lots and his friend another 2 lots.
Don't underestimate this small buy as they will all
add up and eventually you will see your stock portfolio
become richer and richer.

Next, on 18th July, I posted in this blog,
"Ok, I am going to mention one stock that I have been
observing and done a read up. I believe that this stock
is the new QT Vascular as QT had since fallen from the
peak and lost the support of the grace. The stock is the
recent IPO Starburst, which had been bursting up since
its debut. The IPO was well-received and the placement
was also in "strong" hands. If you don't know what
happened, go read up SGX announcement. I don't intend
to feed you today. I believe that the readers will be asking
me whether they can still buy it now and how high can
the stock burst up to? I am not going to stick out my
neck and head this time. I also scare that they will burst.
Haha, joking aside, looking at its price action, as long as
it is above the 50cts mark it got the potential and fuel
to propel up higher. Take note that this is not a contra
recommendation and should be taken with a short-mid
term view."

I don't know whether the readers did notice that I
purposely bold and enlarge the stock Starburst,
as I was quite confident of its potential.
Starburst went to a low of 46cts and did a KRD
and it hit a high of 64cts and closed 2cts down at
62cts today. Let say a reader were to bought the
stock at about 52cts and suffered a short term
decline of 6cts, he will be sitting on a 23% in less
than a week.

During the Consumer Seminar last week, I specifically
told a reader, Desmond that I am bullish on Starburst
and Sinograndness. He was the last to arrive at the
seminar so I have the most time to share with him
my personal stock view. I believe Desmond can vouch
that I did tell him the above-mentioned 2 stocks.
See what happened to this 2 stocks in a flash.

I will continue to highlight some stocks that caught
my eyes and ears and I hope that the readers can
benefit from them. Do take note that the stocks that
I recommend in this blog is my personal view
and must be taken with a mid-term horizon viewpoint.
If you are satisfied with the returns, you can obviously
choose to take profits at one shot and bit by bit along
the way. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Metro, Centrepoint and POSH

Both Metro and Fraser Centrepoint reported
quarter result yesterday and I can see that
both are registering gains in the stock price now.
I saw that there was a discussion on Metro in
the comments recently. Many people still think
Metro as the neighbourhood retail store which
in fact, Metro are much bigger than that.
Go to and
you will know how big Metro really is.
To me, it is a deeply undervalued stock which
should be trading at much higher price than
what I am seeing now. But still, it is only my
personal view with a mid-long term investment

For Fraser Centrepoint, my view on the stock
is still intact. If you went into the stock around
the 1.5x level when I recommended the stock,
you are sitting with a good paper profits and
even taken the recent paid dividend.
The take-over deadline for Australand will
ends on the 21th and it will become a subsidiary
of FCL and it can only be more good news
for the loyal shareholders. Because of what
I am doing right now, I know that there are big
property projects coming up for FCL and the
readers will know it from the newspaper in due time.

Next, we will touch on POSH.
Some readers told me that it is not as posh as what
its name suggests, and the stock price had fallen
badly. This is one stock that was really battered down
from grace recently but I never really bother about it.
I believe it is just a temporary setback and the stock
will regain its former glory pretty soon.
I don't know whether the readers can still recalled
that when I recommended Pacific Radiance back
in Februray, it was trading in the 9xcts region.
From what I can see now, it is trading in the
1.4x region now. Not bad for a near 50% gain in 6 months.



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