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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Important Announcement Next Monday 31 March 2014

Hello to all the faithful readers or just plain passer-by,
I started this blog way back in 2008 and time really
passed by very fast. In a flash, I have been writing
on the blog for about 7 years already. Along the way,
I have contributed my viewpoint and analysis about
the Singapore stock market and also pinpoint and
focus on the numerous stocks as well. I believe that
I have help and assist many readers in their stock
trades and investments. Many have told me about
the winning trades in Skype, emails and also left
comments on the blog.

Frankly, 7 years is not a short time and I am glad
that the blog has about 250 visits per day from the
readers and my blog is rank pretty high in Google.
For this, I thank you all the visitors and readers for
making it possible.

I am sure that the readers know about 七年之痒
and indeed after so long time in the stock market,
I am feeling a bit "sian". Some readers may know that
I am actually still quite young and after taking a
long break and thinking under the sun, the sea and
the sand, I have decided to step out of my comfort
zone and venture out to the unknown again!

I did the necessary preparations and fulfilled all the
requirements and I took the plunge! It is a decision
that I feel I need to take in order to surge to new
high and I can also help and take the readers along
with me too. I will be revealing it next Monday 31
March 2014 and I hope that the readers can benefited
from my decision.

To be continued..........on 31 March 2014


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I will not be responsible and liable for any losses incur from my views and recommendations in my blog.

Take note that I may have current positions or seek to enter or add positions in the stocks that I wrote in my blog.

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