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Friday, July 18, 2014

Short update and a stock to watch out for

Recently I have not been posting in this blog
and also at the Mentor Group side, as I am quite
busy with my property agent's duty and task.
One of the task that many property agent did
when they were still pretty new bird, is to
cold call to get transaction leads. Frankly, right
until now, I have using my centre(circle) of influence
to get leads and I did close some deals out of
the warm leads. Nevertheless I was assigned to
call cold for a project and to get sales/purchase/rental
leads, and I did that for the last few days.
Sad to report, the result was not to my expectation.
I have met a few of the blog readers and the Mentor
Group members before, and they found out or realised
for themselves that I write much better than I speak.
Sales talk is not my forte but I can tell you what I know
and only deliver the facts and figures for the client to
make their decision.

Guess what, I outsource the cold calling to a lady
telemarketer as it is really not my strength. I remembered
that I read somewhere that, not the exact words,
if you improve on your weaknesses, you will get better,
but if you enhance and make full use of your strength,
you will get great result. I believe it is quite true.
You know what the telemarketer said about my conversation
with her? She said that the words and the way that
I write is too "stern". I told her that I am quite a frank and
straight-forward person and I believe that my client
will appreciate this too. Don't expect fanciful or beautiful
services from you but you can expect sincere and frank
views and opinion of what is really happening.

In this blog and the Mentor Group, I usually don't mince
my words when I am talking about the market view or
on a particular stocks. I just tell the readers what is my
own personal views and the rest is up to the readers
to take action or just let my words gone with the winds.
A few readers also told me that I write too harsh sometimes
but too bad, this is me. 

Ok, I am going to mention one stock that I have been
observing and done a read up. I believe that this stock
is the new QT Vascular as QT had since fallen from the
peak and lost the support of the grace. The stock is the
recent IPO Starburst, which had been bursting up since
its debut. The IPO was well-received and the placement
was also in "strong" hands. If you don't know what
happened, go read up SGX announcement. I don't intend
to feed you today. I believe that the readers will be asking
me whether they can still buy it now and how high can
the stock burst up to? I am not going to stick out my
neck and head this time. I also scare that they will burst.
Haha, joking aside, looking at its price action, as long as
it is above the 50cts mark it got the potential and fuel
to propel up higher. Take note that this is not a contra
recommendation and should be taken with a short-mid
term view.


Please be aware that I am not a Certified or Qualified Financial Adviser, the views and recommendation on this blog is purely my own.

Please seek investment/trading advices from your Financial Professionals, Dealers, Remisiers before making any investing/trading decisions.

I will not be responsible and liable for any losses incur from my views and recommendations in my blog.

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