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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Market View until I am well again

I am down with fever and heavy flu for the
last 2 days that I never write the Market view.
I think the fever had past its peak but I am
still feeling unwell and uncomfortable so I
will be taking MC this couple of days.
I will be back with the Market View when I
am fully recover, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Market View 12 December 2011

I got a habit of asking friends and those around
me how they feel and view the  current market
situation, and from their responses, I will know
how the market will likely behave. About 80-90%
told me that the market will go down next year,
but one very interesting thing is that, they
believe that the real economy will not be affected
and life will goes on fine. I can only say that by
what I have heard, I am even more confident that
we are not going to have a financial meltdown anytime
soon. Although it might be a bumpy and volatile
year ahead, I am still optimistic that there are still
money to be made next year.

A few members asked me whether I enter the market
everyday? Frankly, I don't and you should do the same
as me. I only enter when the time and stock price is
favourable to me. I trade on technical breakout and
also on trend reversal, while I sit tight waiting for the
signal to surface. You really need not trade everyday
to make a handsome profit. I do enjoy great quality
time with my love ones and friend when we meet-up
for meals. I am not tied down by Mr Market and I
can choose not to see him for days, if I decide to.
I only enter the stock when it hit my "best" entry price
and enjoy the momentum play-up or I simply will
cut the stock if it is going against me.

Many are curious on whether we will have a
year-end or Santa rally this year. It is going to
happen if there is one today, isn't it. What we
need is some "good" news as the fuel, and the
fire will light up. There are still time for such thing
to happen and I just believe that we will have it.
Don't mark my words for it.

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict Money(Risk)-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others, you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.
See their comments here:

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

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