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Friday, May 23, 2014

Short market update & Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, Fraser Centrepoint continue to perform very well
and I really hope that readers did benefit from my
recommendation. I know of a few who bought in the
$1.5x and are still holding the stock now. Fraser will
go XD with a 2.4cts dividend next Monday, 26th May.

Next, I have been very busy with a Freehold project
that will be on preview from 31th May, next Saturday.
It will be one-of-a-kind condominium and it is expected
to be sold out in a flash. I expect investor and home-owner
to grab this project as it has great upside potential, in
my view. If you are interested to find out more, just
whatsapp me @ 97509878.

Lastly, I am left with just a coupe of ticket to next Tuesday's
Consumer Empowerment Seminar by my ageny, PropNex.
If you are clueless about what to do with your property or
what property should you buy this year and beyond, you
need to come to the seminar. I am giving away FOC
tickets so whatsapp me @ 97509878 now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Market View for this week and Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, some readers asked me how high Fraser Centrepoint
can go? Frankly, when the stock was at the 1.5x region,
I call for a buy recommendation and I expect the stock
to be trading at the $1.80-2 area. Within weeks, it had
added more than 30cts and recorded another "historical"
high of 1.88 last Friday. This is a stock that I believe still
have upside potential as I did not see any significant or
obvious serious selling in this stock. You can say that
it had outperformed the mass market. Indeed, the stocks
that I recommended will better the general market from
what I can recalled. But if you going to enter Fraser
right now, then I will sound the alert as you must be
prepared to enter with the fact that you are getting the
stock at a higher price. I am prepared to hold the stock
as I believe in its mid-long term prospects.

I am seeing encouraging trading volume and activities
in our local market and it seems that May is not really
a month to go away. This was also the view that I shared
in the blog at the beginning of the month and indeed it
did materialise. One should continue to be in the market
and enjoy the sunny day as you can, as I believe eventually
we will see some heavy rainy days which is good to take
a break, and welcome the sunny day next.

Ok, I am left with about 10 tickets to the Consumer Empowerment
Seminar as some readers can't make it on the day.
If you are still interested in knowing the property market
in 2014 and beyond, then you really need to come to the
Consumer Empowerment Seminar.
You can whatsapp me at 97509878 or skype me if you
are in my skype list to get the FOC tickets.


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