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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trilive - Limited Supply, Unlimited Potential

Trilive - Limited Supply, Unlimited Potential

Trilive is a new Freehold development at 111 Tampines Road, 
along the Kovan district. 
More info at this blog: Trilive Condominium 
If you would like to know more about Trilive on-the-go, you 
can download the mobile app here:
Download the TRILIVE App today:
Google Playstore:
Apple App Store:
Or just search for Trilive in the Google Playstore or Apple App store. 
When prompted with an Agent Code in order to continue using
the app, the Agent Code is 9878
There is a special VVIP Preview this Saturday and Sunday, 
31th May and 1st June. Just come and see the model and 
know why this project is going to be very hot, and an 
expected sell-out one.
Contact me, Nicholas @ 97509878 

Consumer Empowerment Seminar, Metro and what I can think of....

First, the Consumer Empowerment Seminar was a great
success and I have more than 20 readers from this blog
attended the occasion. The balance tickets were given to
my friends and relatives while the remaining were wasted as
some readers cannot make it last minute or have last-minute
commitment whichis perfectly normal and Ok. Thank you to all
the readers who attended the seminar. I can't talk to you all a
lot as I am occupied with a lot of things and I shall catch up
with you soon.

It was very interesting that many readers asked me about stocks
more than property. I believe that my reputation of Stock Lobang
precedes me and I will have to earn my name as a Property Lobang
too. I shared what I know about some particular stocks and also
some experiences with the readers. I hope that some readers did
benefited from the short conversation with me.
Anway, I will just publish some comment about the seminar from
the readers.
"Learned about the 3 categories of locations, the costs which
contribute to the prop price, the current vs av earnings of prop
devs and the market in a pullback now. Its a informative seminar"
"Many insights on property"
"Better picture of the trend of property mkt. Need to hear more
voice and info to be more accurate.
Very Informative. Good for consumer"
Learn about "The general market sentiment now and the
opportunities present. I like it, can link with stock. Area of knowledge
in re will help to enhance the skill in stock"

I am glad that a reader managed to see the relation in Stocks
and Property. It is actually the same forces that are in this
marker, which are none other than our best human emotion,
Fear and Greed monster. If you have been reading this blog
for long, you will know that I discuss in great deal about this
2 monsters from many previous postings. I will not write much
today but I will be writing about them in due course.
If you are interested to know about the property market or
some particular projects, just contact me, Nicholas @ 97509878

Ok, we come back to stocks....
Because I have some commitment on Monday morning, I
posted a blog on Sunday night, and I recommended Metro
as I wrote, " If you want a stock to watch out,
then I can only recommend Metro, who will announce
FY result on the 28th, this Wednesday. I foresee a good
result and it may not be a case of sell-on-news for Metro."
Indeed, Metro announced a pretty good result on Wednesday
morning and it is also giving a fantastic 6cts dividend,
that is $60 per lot. Some readers asked me why this grandfather
stock, Metro, was recommended. To me, as long as you
can make $$, any stock is also a good stock. If you are still
thinking that Metro is that retail departmental store in
Woodlands, Seng Kang, Paragon and City Square, then
you really need to read up on this stock. Metro is far bigger
than that. Don't go to  and go to and you will know what I mean.
Metro is trading at a day-high of $1.01 as I am writing now,
I know that some readers are in the stock between the 95-96cts
region, so I will leave it to you when and where to take profits
from this stock. I have not seen any heavy selling yet.
In my posting on Sunday, I specifically stated that "it may not
be a case of sell-on-news for Metro." and indeed I was proven
right that there isn't sell-on-result-news on the stock. 
Anyway, there is a wonderful condo project by Metro and 
Wingtai that will be out very soon, within the next 2 months.
It is located at the prime Prince Charles Crescent in the 
Alexandra region and behind Redhill MRT station. If you 
are interested to know more, just contact me asap

Next, I will just voice out my personal view on the market
right now. I am seriously turning cautious for next week
as I can sense the tide is turning and some stocks are
getting tired right now. This is my personal view for now
and it remains to be my view only.

Oh ya, I will write about  a freehold project in the next post...


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, I am left with just a couple of tickets since some
readers can't make it for tonight's Consumer Empowerment
Seminar at Kallang Theatre. If you can make it tonight
and want to know about our property market in 2014
and beyond, then whatsapp me @ 97509878 and you
will get the last few tickets I have.

For all other readers who have confirmed your attendance
of tonight seminar, I look forward to meeting you and
let my CEO share his valuable insight and knowledge to
you so that you can make a wise and sensible decision
regarding your property investment/upgrading move.
Thank you for the support and I shall see you tonight.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Market View this week, Freehold Project and Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, our local market continue to move higher with
mass participation from the penny stocks and the
mid-cap. Right now, I did not notice any real massive
selling in the market yet but it is always good to be
cautious now that many stocks are moving crazily high.
Volume is still healthy and vibrant but just be vigilant.
Oh ya, Fraser Centrepoint will go XD on tomorrow, Monday,
with a 2.4cts dividend. Will it go higher after the XD or
will it still continue charging during XD? Frankly, this is
a stock that you should hold as long as stock Singapore
is on the right track. If you want a stock to watch out,
then I can only recommend Metro, who will announce
FY result on the 28th, this Wednesday. I foresee a good
result and it may not be a case of sell-on-news for Metro.

Next, I am still busy this week with the Freehold project
preview that will be on this Saturday 31th May. If you
are thinking of investing in a property or get your dream
home in district 19, then you really must come to the
preview. Whatsapp me at 97509878 to find out more
about this great potential project.
If you are really really interested to know more about
this exciting project, then there is a SPECIAL session
by my CEO, Mr Ismail. Be the first few to know about the
Golden Opportunity to buy/invest/grab one of the LAST
and BIGGEST FREEHOLD site of 2014.
The Special session will be on this Wednesday, 28 May,
at Toa Payoh. Please RSVP with me and I will register you
for the very SPECIAL session. Did you notice that this
session is even before 31th May preview? How can you
possibly miss out?

Lastly, my agency, Propnex's Consumer Empowerment
seminar will be held at Kallang Theatre, this Tuesday,
27th May. If you want to find out the property market
in 2014 and beyond, you really need to come to the
seminar. I am left with just a couple of tickets and once
that is taken up, then it is really gone.....
Check with me @ 97509878 if you really want to come
to the Consumer Empowerment Seminar.


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