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Monday, November 17, 2014

Transcab IPO

Ok guys,
Today I will talk a bit on the Transcab IPO which a few
readers and members asked me on the phone
and whatsapp. This is the same answer that I told
all of them: Show Hand and Subscribe.
Fundamentally I believe that at $0.68 or about 12.6 times
PE ratio is reasonably cheap and should attract further
potential upside. It is also one of the more "stronger"
IPO to be listed this year and like what I just stated,
Show Hand and Subscribe.

Some readers will wonder why did I tell people to
subscribe when they will be competitors to the 8.8 million
public shares. Like what I just mentioned few seconds
ago, there are 8.8 million of shares for the public to place
their $2 application fee on. Moreover, I am not a selfish
person as the readers can gather from this blog's sharing
by me. Regardless of whether it is stock or property advices
now, I will seek to address every concerns that you have.
But due to the sheer amount of messages and whatsapp that
I receive every single days, I will and may end up never reply
to all who reached me. Don't worry, please msg me again
and I will answer you eventually.

Ok, Do you want to know the sincere truth of why I recommend
the readers to subscribe to the Transcab IPO?
The fact is that as much as I can recommend or suggest people
to subscribe to a IPO or to buy a stock, there will be people who
will take action, there will be people who will not take action,
and there will be people who ask what happened and of course
the last group of people who always end up with "I Should Have".
Incidentally, there will be people who will subscribe 10 lots, 100 lots
or even 1000 lots, so I will not be afraid of any competition to the
public tranche of 8.8 millions share. I am a cup-half-full person and
I believe in abundant of money from Mr Market to be shared for
those who is willing to venture.
By the way, the IPO application will close on 18 November, Tuesday,
that is tomorrow 12pm, so better do it asap.

Oh Ya, if the readers who to know what am I busy about with
the property market nowadays? I am involve in the latest largest
mixed development in the north right now, North Park Residences
in Yishun. For more information on the mega project, just whatsapp
or message me @ 97509878
I can help you make the Right move!

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