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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Short Market View & Consumer Empowerment Seminar

I wrote in this blog last week that I expect that the
trading volume and activities to be back after we
came back from the Vesak Day holiday, and indeed
that was the case yesterday. There is healthy trading
volume seen and most of the stocks recorded
activities. I like to see such happenings.

Fraser Centrepoint once again shot through the roof
yesterday and recorded a new "historical" high of
1.83 before closing at 1.82 It is within my target of
1.80-2.00 given out weeks ago. I believe it will be
in this region of support/resistance very regularly.
To me, this is a stock for the mid-long term as I
believe it still have good future potentials.

Next, for the Consumer Empowerment Seminar
that will be held on the 27th May, I am left with
14 tickets now. If you are sitting on the fence and
wondering whether you should buy/sell/invest in your
own property, then you really should come to the seminar.
It is a property seminar organised by Propnex and I am
giving away FOC tickets, so don't miss out on this good lobang.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Market View for this week & Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, Fraser Centrepoint announced a good result
on last Friday and is also giving out its first interim
dividend of 2.4cts. The stock moved well ahead of
its result and may now try to stable itself before
staging another surge. I am bullish of its mid-long
term prospect and will continue to hold it to the
next height. I am bias with this stock as I bought
the stock and is currently holding it too.

How about the rest of other stocks?
As per what I wrote last week, I expect the trading
volume and activities to be back after we are back
from the Vesak Day public holiday. Some people
say, "Sell in May and go away!". Frankly, I don't
see a bad month if you are with the right stocks.
How to find the right stocks?
Look out for those that are still strong despite
the recent bored market action.

Lastly, for the FOC Consumer Empowerment Seminar,
this is the last week that the readers can get it. The
closing date is 20th May, exactly one week before the
actual seminar day. I am left with 19 tickets after
confirming with the previous applied-readers the
number of tickets they need. If you are still interested
to get the FOC tickets, whatsapp me at 97509878
or just simply Skype me @ Stocklobang when I am online.
Don't delay a single bit and contact me Now! 
Consumer Empowerment Seminar Ticket


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