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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stock Lobang Mentor Group

Hi All,
I will be starting a Mentor Group from next year
January 1st onward. It is going to be a closed-door
member-only group but it is going to be a FOC one.
No monthly or yearly membership fee of any sort,
the only investment is going to be your own financial
knowledge learning and of course your time and
commitment to interact with Mr Market.

The reason why I decided to have a Mentor group
is because of readers' request that I provide a more
timely and precise technical and fundamental analysis
of the stocks. They want to know the exact entry and
exit price that I will trade and the rationale behind the
trade. I will seek to reveal more of my trading methods,
technique and secrets in the group so that the members
can benefit and gain from my experience and knowledge.
For the other readers not inside the group, I will still continue
to provide market view at this blog without fail, but it will be
more general. The information provided here should be
sufficient  for the readers to make informed financial decision.
But if you are more into stock trading, making money on
contra or intra, then you may want to consider joining the group.
It is FOC anyway, just that there is an entry selection "test".

A few readers asked me to set-up a monthly or yearly
payment site and restrict the members in it. I ponder
about this option for a while and decided not to do
anything of such scale. Once I have members paying
me to ask for my view, I will be very obligated and tied
to my seat and screen for the rest of the day, weeks,
months and year. I want to still have the time and freedom
to take a break whenever I want, to go to some exotic
and mystery countries with magnificent and incredible
nature, mountain and the scenery.

Of course, some readers may feel that I am not qualify
or don't have the credential to be their Mentor and that
is perfectly alright with me. I am seeking personnel that
I can work with and not someone who keep on asking me
questions and all the while telling me "I Should Have".

Ok, we come to the selection of the readers into the group.
It is not going to be on first-come-first-serve basis but I
am going to see how much you know about Mr Market
right now. I am still not sure how many I am going to take
into the group but the number should not be big as I need
to concentrate and provide the best to the members.

Here are the questions that you should answer and I will
see how is the responds. Send your answers to by Christmas,
and I will use one week time to go through the answer and
decide how many I can take into the group.

Please answer and send in this format:
Age: (For the ladies, I am not really interested to know the
age, but I can do more to help if I know this data)
Salary: (You can choose not to disclose this sensitive data,
or you can give me a scale like <5000>5000 or 3000anything that you like.)

1. How many years have you been investing/trading in the stock market?
2. Describe Mr Market in one sentence.
3. What is your personal view on the stock market in 2013?
4. How much do you expect yourself to make from the stock market in 2013?
5. Why should you be in the Mentor Group?
6. By joining the Mentor Group, what do you intend to gain or benefit from it?
7. What is your BEST investing/trading record and what did you learn from it?
8. What is your WORST investing/trading record and what did you learn from it?
9. Do you believe in LUCK? Why?
10. To you, how can someone get rich from the stock market?
 Bonus question: How many sides does a piece of paper has? How about 3 pieces then?

Send your answers to by 25th December.


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