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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My view on the stock market and a great mixed development project coming...

Hi Guys,
I am back to our beloved country and back to
the warm but sometimes overly too warm weather.
A huge difference from the countries that I went
to during the last 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, it is always great to step on our
home soil again. But when I look at what happened
to our market during my absence, I can't help to say
that my travel jinx is still very much intact.
If you don't know about my travel jinx then you must
be a rather recent readers or you plainly forgotten
about it.

I am going through the stock charts and guess what?
I actually started to see some stocks that I believe is
going lead the run-up when the blood-letting subsided.
Give me a few more days to look through more stocks
till this Friday and I will start to post my observation and
comment on a couple stocks soon.

In the meanwhile, there is a fantastic condo project coming
up in Yishun by Fraser Centrepoint. The readers should know
what is my personal view on the mentioned stock.
Anyway, enjoy the video on Northpark Residences, a 920
units project and Northpoint City, a coming icon in the north.
If you are interested to know more about the project and
to be keep in the loop with the latest information on the
project, just give me a ring @ 97509878



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