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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Market View 12 October 2010

Ok, the market view has returned again.
I have been out of market action for the last
one week, and it is a good feeling that I am back.
Over the past week, I realised that I am no longer
the fit and strong NS boys I used to be, and
I am not as strong as what I believe I am.
It is always the case when something happened
that you "suddenly" feel the impact of not exercising
enough regularly and not having a healthier balance
diet. Life got to move on, but if you want to look
for more excuses for not exercising, then I have this
website for you.
Don't Procrastinate further.

Actually, I don't feel that I have missed a lot
from the past week's market action. Many stocks
have not move much, or have been beaten back
to square one with few exceptions. I have been looking
at the charts of the indexes and stocks, and I have a gut feeling
that pop-out when I am looking at them. I believe that
a market correction will be coming very soon, and
it will be the one that many are looking for and it will
present a bargain-hunting opportunity again.
Don't tell me whether I am sticking out my neck for this
market view this time. I have risked my head many times
this year, and I have been right about my views with each
risk. It is still connected to my body and I intend to continue
to keep it that way. I am looking for the final push-up before
the musical chair stops and we shall see who will be the
last still sitting.

Some readers have been enquiring about GIC Global Logistic
and whether I will be applying for it. The answer is a
confident 'Yes' from me. I know that the price is at the highest
range in the indicative price, and they are using partial
IPO proceed to pay off debts and the most important thing
is that if the market correction comes, will the price drop below
the IPO price 1.96 To me, it is very simple, it is going to be massive
issue and its market cap will justified that it will be a
very liquid and volatile stock and it will be entering the STI index
in the next few reviews. I am keeping such a stock for
mid-long term as I believe its future upside capital appreciation and
dividend yield, and short-term erratic market movement will not
deter my view on the stock, so I am subscribing for the IPO.
Please read the IPO prospectus if you are interested in the
stock, but you need to act fast, as the application will close on
14 October, this thursday 10am sharp.

From today onward, I am taking a rather relax and steady approach
toward the market, and I may not be online on skype that
regularly. I will still continue to write market view when available
but you may encounter some "missing" issues as I may not
be able to write it on some particular days.

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict (Risk)Money-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others, you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.
See their comments here:

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

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