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Monday, November 17, 2014

Transcab IPO

Ok guys,
Today I will talk a bit on the Transcab IPO which a few
readers and members asked me on the phone
and whatsapp. This is the same answer that I told
all of them: Show Hand and Subscribe.
Fundamentally I believe that at $0.68 or about 12.6 times
PE ratio is reasonably cheap and should attract further
potential upside. It is also one of the more "stronger"
IPO to be listed this year and like what I just stated,
Show Hand and Subscribe.

Some readers will wonder why did I tell people to
subscribe when they will be competitors to the 8.8 million
public shares. Like what I just mentioned few seconds
ago, there are 8.8 million of shares for the public to place
their $2 application fee on. Moreover, I am not a selfish
person as the readers can gather from this blog's sharing
by me. Regardless of whether it is stock or property advices
now, I will seek to address every concerns that you have.
But due to the sheer amount of messages and whatsapp that
I receive every single days, I will and may end up never reply
to all who reached me. Don't worry, please msg me again
and I will answer you eventually.

Ok, Do you want to know the sincere truth of why I recommend
the readers to subscribe to the Transcab IPO?
The fact is that as much as I can recommend or suggest people
to subscribe to a IPO or to buy a stock, there will be people who
will take action, there will be people who will not take action,
and there will be people who ask what happened and of course
the last group of people who always end up with "I Should Have".
Incidentally, there will be people who will subscribe 10 lots, 100 lots
or even 1000 lots, so I will not be afraid of any competition to the
public tranche of 8.8 millions share. I am a cup-half-full person and
I believe in abundant of money from Mr Market to be shared for
those who is willing to venture.
By the way, the IPO application will close on 18 November, Tuesday,
that is tomorrow 12pm, so better do it asap.

Oh Ya, if the readers who to know what am I busy about with
the property market nowadays? I am involve in the latest largest
mixed development in the north right now, North Park Residences
in Yishun. For more information on the mega project, just whatsapp
or message me @ 97509878
I can help you make the Right move!

P.S.: Your Highest Compliment is a Personal Referral  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Some stocks that I am looking at

After the heavy thunderstorm, I saw some green shoots
coming out from the ground. There are no guarantee that
they will grow big and strong but at least they are showing
strength. I will just share with the readers and members
what are some of the stocks that I am looking at right now:
1. Sunvic
2. Sinograndness
3. Nam Cheong
4. Stats
5. Rex
6. RH Petrogas
8. Yuuzoo
9. China Sunsine
10. Yoma
11. Swissco
12. Sheng Siong

I am still monitoring their charts and I will update accordingly

Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Hi Friends,
Do you want to know how and what will the property
market behave and perform in 2015?
Is it a great time and opportunity and enter the
property market NOW?
Or simply, do you really believe what the newspaper
is reporting and do you really know what is happening
in the property market right now?

If you are unsure about the property market right now
then let the experts show you a clearer picture...

Introducing the Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar!
In this seminar, it will be a power-packed session with a panel
discussion consisting of the keynote speaker, PropNex CEO
Mr Mohd Ismail, and 3 other guest speakers – JLL Head of
Research Dr Chua Yang Liang, SingCapital CEO Mr Alfred
Chia and PropertyGuru (Singapore) Managing Director
Mr Lewis Ng.

The seminar will be held at Kallang Theatre on 11 November,
that is next Tuesday night from 7pm onwards.
I am giving away Free ticket (usual price:$10) to the blog
readers and members who whatsapp me @ 97509878
before this Friday, 7 November. You can collect the ticket
on the actual day at the venue itself.

This is a great opportunity to hear from the expert and
not believing entirely all the gloom and doom stories
that the press are reporting.
Whatsapp me, Nicholas @ 97509878 NOW!
Take action and don't sit on the fence waiting for signs
from the sky, and then asked," What Happened??!!".

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My view on the stock market and a great mixed development project coming...

Hi Guys,
I am back to our beloved country and back to
the warm but sometimes overly too warm weather.
A huge difference from the countries that I went
to during the last 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, it is always great to step on our
home soil again. But when I look at what happened
to our market during my absence, I can't help to say
that my travel jinx is still very much intact.
If you don't know about my travel jinx then you must
be a rather recent readers or you plainly forgotten
about it.

I am going through the stock charts and guess what?
I actually started to see some stocks that I believe is
going lead the run-up when the blood-letting subsided.
Give me a few more days to look through more stocks
till this Friday and I will start to post my observation and
comment on a couple stocks soon.

In the meanwhile, there is a fantastic condo project coming
up in Yishun by Fraser Centrepoint. The readers should know
what is my personal view on the mentioned stock.
Anyway, enjoy the video on Northpark Residences, a 920
units project and Northpoint City, a coming icon in the north.
If you are interested to know more about the project and
to be keep in the loop with the latest information on the
project, just give me a ring @ 97509878


Friday, September 26, 2014

What will happen to our market now?

US market fell in overnight trade and as
expected, I started to received whatsapp and
sms asking me what will happen to our
market now? Also, a few readers told me
they are expecting the market to tank in
October and they want to be the vulture
to pick up the battered stocks.

This is what I replied to the readers and I
really wish to highlight that I see nothing
of the sort of disaster that is coming our way.
I define the fall in US market as normal profit
taking and it very perfectly normal.
Oh ya, for the readers who expect something
bad to happen in October, I have this for you,
"OCTOBER: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous
months to speculate in stocks in. The other are July,
January, September, April, November, May, March,
June, December, August, and February.
Mark Twain"

I got a few unconventional period to back up
my observation and views. If you have been
reading this blog for some time, you may still
recalled the "Library Book" theory that I shared
in this blog before. For those readers that missed
it or only started reading blog recently, it is a
personal observation that I encountered through
all these years. I realise that when the market is
very hot, the financial and stock market books in
the library will become very few as there are plenty
of people wanting to make money from the hot
market. The reverse will happen when the market
is very quiet. So what do I observe now in the
library? Well, there are plenty of books available
but there are no takers as the market is not hot
enough to "seduce" the next "bigger fool" in.
Oh ya, if your only-see-once-each-CNY relatives
or long-time-never-see friends suddenly called you
to share with you with a sure-up stock, please kindly
and immediately inform me. That is the perfect time
to get out of the market for me.
上帝要你灭亡, 必先让你疯狂
I don't think the stock market is 疯狂 enough, what
do you think?

You know what, among the red flowers, I spotted a
rare green leaf in Starburst. Very interesting....
maybe it is time to watch it again...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Starburst "burst" for now

Many readers asked me whether they can go
into Starburst now that it had fallen from the
peak. Well, when I recommended the stock
in bold and enlarged font, it was trading at
4xcts. It went up after I wrote about it and
I believe that not many others are writing about
the stock. I called for profit-taking around the
75cts mark and the stock went up by just one
more day to hit a historical-high of 79cts
before falling from grace. To me, its recent
surge is a good breakout from the chart
formation that I see. Some people told me
that it is impossible or very difficult to spot
the chart formation from a recent IPO with
just a couple of days or a few weeks of trading.
I have to say that if you are very used to
looking at chart everyday or regularly, you still
can spot something even it is a IPO stock.

As I am writing now, Starburst is trading at 62cts
or about 22% down from the high of 79cts. It is
hitting the support level right now. I did mention
this support to a blog reader specifically. I told
him that the stock will drop to this region.
Starburst should consolidate around this level
and whether or not there are future technical
breakout depends on what I can see in its
formation and the volume traded. I will update
in this blog if I spotted anything on Starburst.


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