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Monday, July 28, 2014

Long awaited EC coming to the West

Do you know that it had been 14 years since the last EC
(Executive Condominium) was launched in Jurong?
Are you aware that a much awaited EC project will be
coming to the Jurong Lake region very very soon?

The wait is finally over!
Yuan Ching EC (The final name of the project have not
been decided yet) E-application will be lauching in
September and very fortunately, Propnex is the sole
exclusive marketing agency for this wonderful residential
project in Jurong.

From my Skype chat with the readers, I know that many are
living in the West and wanted to upgraded from their
current HDB, so this is a great time to get to know of
the Yuan Ching EC project.

We are seeking Registration of Interest right now.
If you are interested to find out more or to receive
more info, please contact me @ 97509878

Monday, July 21, 2014

Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, the Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar
is here again. It will be held on the 7th August 2014,
just 2 days before our nation's birthday, at Kallang
Theatre from 7am onward. Don't ask me what time
the seminar will end as it will depends on how much
my CEO, Mr Ismail, will be sharing with the seminar
participants. The higher and better participation from
the crowd, the more Mr Ismail will be sharing and he
can really really talk a lot with just a few sips of water.
I am sure that the members who attended the May
seminar will know what it is like when he is on "fire".

Back to the seminar, Mr Ismail will be sharing with
the consumers what is the latest property trend, and
share his insight and analysis of the property sector
and of course provide the consumer with enough
information based on facts and figures to make the
right property decision whether it is buying/selling/
upgrading/investing in residential/commercial/industrial
or overseas projects.

Once again, I am giving out the $10 ticket for FREE!
Yes, you saw it right, FOC and zero cost to you.
For the First 30 readers who contact me via whatsapp
to my phone @ 97509878 can claim the ticket(s) from
me on the seminar day itself. 

If you are unsure, clueless or simply don't know what
the hoo-ha about the recent property market measures
are all about, then please make yourself available on the
7th August and come and listen straight from the horse
mouth. Actually, if you ask me for property to upgrade now,
I will tell you to get an EC. No ABSD, No Resale Levy (for
the current EC projects only), Grants for First-comer....
Check the detail with me.

This is the ticket for the August seminar:

P.S.: If you are still not taking action to hear from my CEO,
Mr Ismail, onhow and where to take advantage of the current
market condition NOW, then listen to this:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Short update and a stock to watch out for

Recently I have not been posting in this blog
and also at the Mentor Group side, as I am quite
busy with my property agent's duty and task.
One of the task that many property agent did
when they were still pretty new bird, is to
cold call to get transaction leads. Frankly, right
until now, I have using my centre(circle) of influence
to get leads and I did close some deals out of
the warm leads. Nevertheless I was assigned to
call cold for a project and to get sales/purchase/rental
leads, and I did that for the last few days.
Sad to report, the result was not to my expectation.
I have met a few of the blog readers and the Mentor
Group members before, and they found out or realised
for themselves that I write much better than I speak.
Sales talk is not my forte but I can tell you what I know
and only deliver the facts and figures for the client to
make their decision.

Guess what, I outsource the cold calling to a lady
telemarketer as it is really not my strength. I remembered
that I read somewhere that, not the exact words,
if you improve on your weaknesses, you will get better,
but if you enhance and make full use of your strength,
you will get great result. I believe it is quite true.
You know what the telemarketer said about my conversation
with her? She said that the words and the way that
I write is too "stern". I told her that I am quite a frank and
straight-forward person and I believe that my client
will appreciate this too. Don't expect fanciful or beautiful
services from you but you can expect sincere and frank
views and opinion of what is really happening.

In this blog and the Mentor Group, I usually don't mince
my words when I am talking about the market view or
on a particular stocks. I just tell the readers what is my
own personal views and the rest is up to the readers
to take action or just let my words gone with the winds.
A few readers also told me that I write too harsh sometimes
but too bad, this is me. 

Ok, I am going to mention one stock that I have been
observing and done a read up. I believe that this stock
is the new QT Vascular as QT had since fallen from the
peak and lost the support of the grace. The stock is the
recent IPO Starburst, which had been bursting up since
its debut. The IPO was well-received and the placement
was also in "strong" hands. If you don't know what
happened, go read up SGX announcement. I don't intend
to feed you today. I believe that the readers will be asking
me whether they can still buy it now and how high can
the stock burst up to? I am not going to stick out my
neck and head this time. I also scare that they will burst.
Haha, joking aside, looking at its price action, as long as
it is above the 50cts mark it got the potential and fuel
to propel up higher. Take note that this is not a contra
recommendation and should be taken with a short-mid
term view.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 2-3 weeks magic strikes on POSH again

On 16th June, I wrote in this blog,
"Why am I mentioning about Pacific Radiance today? It is because the stock that I am going to recommend will perform exactly like Pacific Radiance. That stock is POSH, U6C, PACC Offshore Services  Holdings. Looking at the chart and its fundamental, I am quite confident that it will deliver what I expect of the stock. It is still hanging very near to its IPO price of 1.15 which I believe is a fantastic price to buy if you never get it from it from the public subscription. When I recommended Pacific Radiance, it was at 96cts, quite near to its IPO price of 90cts. Now  POSH is even closer to its IPO price. What is the potential upside that I am looking at?  I believe a 20-30% upside is not a too-tall order."

After I wrote about POSH, the stock went below the 
IPO price of 1.15 but I continue to tell readers to grab
the stock at low. The lowest that the readers can get
over the last 2 trading weeks was $1.135 and I wonder
how many readers did take action. POSH moved
up 2 days, or about 2-3 trading weeks after I wrote about
the stock. Today, POSH continue to go higher and as
of wring now, it is trading at $1.17 with a day-high
of 1.175 coupled with a healthy trading volume. 
The stock is looking good with 2 trading gaps over
the last couple of trading days. If you enter the
stock at a low, then you are sitting with a decent
paper profits now.

For the readers who don't know what the 2-3 weeks
magic is all about, this was what i wrote on 25th June,
"Some people asked me a very interesting question
which I also find me strangely amusing. Somehow,
the stocks that I recommended will not move the
following days, but will start to gain momentum and
speed up after like 1-2 weeks. This "strange" occurence
happened to Pacific Radiance, Fraser Centrepoint
and more recently Metro. I have no scientific explanation
for this happening but I am glad that the readers have
ample time to make the decision and to take action.
If a stock move immediately after I wrote, then the
readers may not be fully prepared and will likely
miss the boat. But as usual, there will be people who
will hope that they have more time to finally decided
and take the action. For them, I have to say that I have
no control over when and how the stock will move."


A check on Fraser Centrepoint & Starburst IPO & Metro

I have been quite busy over the last couple of
days so I have been updating at this blog.
This morning, Fraser Centrepoint fell below the
important $1.80 mark. This was the range that
I mentioned a few months ago, $1.80-2.
The offer for Australand is on-going and the
Fraser Hospitality Trust IPO is also on the
way and it will debut next week. But I choose
to believe in the price action and I can only
hope that it is a one-day event and it will be
back to the $1.8x very soon. For the time
being, I am still pretty bullish on the stock
and I believe it is just a temporary "set-back".

Ok, I will touch on Starburst IPO which will be
closing at noon today. This is the first IPO that
has public tranche since QT and I will just
apply and punt it if I manage to be lucky to be
getting some lots from the miserable 2 million shares

Oh ya, Metro is trading with CD (cum-dividend)
now and it will be giving a wonderful 6cts dividend
out to the shareholder. That should support the
current stock price well. Read up in SGX Announcement
of the AGM/EGM date and the dividend book
closure date and distribution day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stock Lobang Mentor Group update

Ok, I have sent out the welcome email to those applied
and got selected into the Mentor Group. I believe that
for some of the members, the welcome email may landed
in the spam folder. Please check your email spam folder
and list my email as non-spam so that you will receive
future emails in the inbox folder. Read through the email
and contact me if you have any questions.
If you applied and never receive any welcome email,
then send me an email stating so. No cheater please.
Oh ya, when you did receive the email, please give me
a reply so that I know I am not sending to cyber "space".

The application period is now closed so no more emails
about the Mentor Group will be entertained. You have
to wait for the next application period which seriously
I don't know when.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fraser Centrepoint news

Ok, the news about Fraser Centrepoint acquiring
Australand is out, and you can read the full detail
at SGX .  To me, it is a very good news as the
company will be stronger with more overseas
assets and the stock will likely be revalued
in the 1 month period of the offer to the Australand
shareholders. I will take this opportunity to pick
up more stocks if there is any weakness seen.

Next, for the Mentor Group members and for the
readers that had sent in the application, please
look out for an email send to you latest by tonight.
Thank you so much for the support.


Please be aware that I am not a Certified or Qualified Financial Adviser, the views and recommendation on this blog is purely my own.

Please seek investment/trading advices from your Financial Professionals, Dealers, Remisiers before making any investing/trading decisions.

I will not be responsible and liable for any losses incur from my views and recommendations in my blog.

Take note that I may have current positions or seek to enter or add positions in the stocks that I wrote in my blog.

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