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Friday, April 25, 2014

Short Friday market view

Ok, as usual, I will keep it short for today.
Fraser Centrepoint still doing very well and
I hope that some readers did enter the stock
for investment.

Oh ya, watch Guocoleisure, as I believe that
its surge is definitely not over yet. In fact, it
should be the new beginning of a charge
over the $1 mark very soon.

Next, we have POSH, the heavyweight IPO
which debut this morning. This was my view
days ago and it is still the same view now
"My personal view is to show hand on this stock
and should you kena the lucky draw, then you can
sell it for a little profits in the first few days of trading."
Note the word "a little profits".

Lastly, I wish to highlight a stock that I spotted
from the chart that I believe will have the potential
to stage a reasonable surge higher and higher.
Watch Mermaid Maritime.

That's it for today. TGIF!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update on Fraser Centrepoint and IPO POSH

Ok, another short update on the few stocks that
I mentioned recently.
Fraser Centrepoint shot through the roof yesterday
and it was quite expected by me, as I wrote on Monday,
"As for Fraser Centrepoint, I have simply no worry about
this stock as the only that I see it heading is Up."
Well, I know of members who got in the stock at the
1.5x region and sitting with >10cts profits in holding.
My personal view is that the stock is still relatively
cheap and as mentioned in previous posting, I expect
it to be trading in the region of 1.80-2.00.
Still it is my personal view on the stock.

Next, we come to the heavyweight IPO POSH, PACC
Offshore Services Holdings, which will be closed
for application at noon today. It is priced at 1.15 and
there are 40 millions shares for public subscription.
My personal view is to show hand on this stock
and should you kena the lucky draw, then you can
sell it for a little profits in the first few days of trading.
Yes, I read about the high PE that POSH is listed
with, but I believe that for such a global leader, it
deserve premium in its stock price.
That is my view on this IPO right now.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Taking partial profits on GuocoLeisure

Ok, I will be taking partial profits on GuocoLeisure
as I will be busy with my property stuff these couple
of days. I believe that GuocoLeisure still have
further upside, but it may need a good break before
staging another breakout. Watch your position if you
decide to hold further or have a trailing (profit) stop
in place.
As for Fraser Centrepoint, I have simply no worry about
this stock as the only that I see it heading is Up.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guocoleisure and Fraser Centrepoint update

Ok, just a short update before the public holiday tomorrow.
GuocoLeisure continued to surge higher this morning,
and hit a day-high $1.00 with one lot. How do I see this
stock now? I am still quite bullish on this stock and I see
it passing the $1 mark again pretty soon. I maybe wrong
on this and it will be better if the readers have a trailing
stop just in case.

Next, we have Fraser Centrepoint to talk about.
It hit a day-high of 1.63 yesterday and it is hovering
around the 1.61 level at the point of writing.
When I recommended the stock last Monday, it
was still at about 1.53 level, what more can I say.

Lastly, I wish all readers a Wonderful and Happy Easter Holiday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

View on Guocoleisure

I will just keep it simple for today.
Last week, when some readers asked me for
a potential stock that may breakout this week,
I told them "Guocoleisure" after consulting with
my trusted chart. Indeed the stock surge up
yesterday and closed at a day-high.
What is my opinion on the stock now?
I believe it still has the energy and fuel to fly
higher and higher.
Be aware that if the stock move below 93 then
it is time to cut loss.

In the meantime, did u see what is Fraser Centrepoint
price right now? It is trading at 1.605 right now.
Coming to 10cts from the time that I recommended
it recently. Did you benefit from it?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Did you buy Fraser Centrepoint?

On Monday, I wrote the following with great confidence,
"Next, if the readers are looking for an investing-grade
stock that I believe is still unbelievably low price, then
I recommend the readers to take a look at Fraser Centrepoint.
It is a recent IPO listed through introduction and
not through public offer. It is currently the 4th largest
property developer in Singapore, behind Far East,
Capland and City Developments (both listed). If you
missed out  getting Capland and City Dev at a low
price, then you can't miss Fraser again. In my humble
opinion, it is trading as a as-low-as-you-can-get price
and one should seek to gather the stock bit by bit or
just simple SAF (Sign-and-Forget), buy it and let its
surge amaze you in due time. I don't want to give any
target price for Fraser but fundamentally I don't think
1.80-2.00 is a tall order. I told the same target price to
a few readers on Skype and I am prepared to stick by it."

I wonder how many readers benefited from my above
view. On Monday, you can get Fraser Centrepoint from
1.53-1.55 and this morning it is trading at a high of 1.58,
a good 3-5 cts paper profits in just 3 days.
If you have bought and maybe sold as contra, please
inform me as an encouragement to me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just some quick words

Ok, I will just update some latest IPO information.
Get ready your money to subscribe to the show-hand
IPO of the year till now. PACC Offshore Services
Holdings (simply POSH) will be listing at our market
very soon. The public application should start next week
and it is expected to be listed on the 25th this month.
Don't ask me what is the IPO price as I don't have
such info, but looking at its NAV of 74cts, it is not
going to be cheap. Nevertheless, it is still a die-die
must show-hand stock that we should all pump.
We have more than enough time to get ready the
$$$ needed to apply for this IPO when it is out.

Ok, my quick words is finished...


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