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Monday, July 21, 2014

Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Ok, the Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar
is here again. It will be held on the 7th August 2014,
just 2 days before our nation's birthday, at Kallang
Theatre from 7am onward. Don't ask me what time
the seminar will end as it will depends on how much
my CEO, Mr Ismail, will be sharing with the seminar
participants. The higher and better participation from
the crowd, the more Mr Ismail will be sharing and he
can really really talk a lot with just a few sips of water.
I am sure that the members who attended the May
seminar will know what it is like when he is on "fire".

Back to the seminar, Mr Ismail will be sharing with
the consumers what is the latest property trend, and
share his insight and analysis of the property sector
and of course provide the consumer with enough
information based on facts and figures to make the
right property decision whether it is buying/selling/
upgrading/investing in residential/commercial/industrial
or overseas projects.

Once again, I am giving out the $10 ticket for FREE!
Yes, you saw it right, FOC and zero cost to you.
For the First 30 readers who contact me via whatsapp
to my phone @ 97509878 can claim the ticket(s) from
me on the seminar day itself. 

If you are unsure, clueless or simply don't know what
the hoo-ha about the recent property market measures
are all about, then please make yourself available on the
7th August and come and listen straight from the horse
mouth. Actually, if you ask me for property to upgrade now,
I will tell you to get an EC. No ABSD, No Resale Levy (for
the current EC projects only), Grants for First-comer....
Check the detail with me.

This is the ticket for the August seminar:

P.S.: If you are still not taking action to hear from my CEO,
Mr Ismail, onhow and where to take advantage of the current
market condition NOW, then listen to this:


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