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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some observations to share

Ok, you can call me Kiasu and Kiasi, but I have
been dealing with Mr Market for so long that I
am quite confident that I know the temper and
habit of the market. The following are what I
observed over the last 2 days and I would like
to share with the readers. It is my responsibility
to inform but I will allow the readers to decide
and the determine their cause of actions.

On 24th June, that is 2 days ago, a normal Tuesday
trading day, did you notice that the Top Volume
are swarmed with micro penny stocks? Up till the
20th position, then I see a slightly "expensive" stock
in Golden Agri, which is a regular in the Top Volume.
Then United Envirotech, QT and RH, Genting follows
behind. If you have been reading this blog for some
time, you will know that I am not a micro penny stock
lover and I very very seldom touch them. Even when
the readers asked me about a micro penny stock,
I will tell them frankly that I don't look at the mentioned

Then yesterday, the Top Volume 23 positions are
occupied by the micro penny stocks and until 24th
position then I see Noble in the list. Only 4 stocks are
higher than 50cts in the Top Volume.
Truthfully, I don't like what I see in the Top Volume
right now as I did mention in previous posting that
the micro penny stocks are usually the last to move
up in a market rally but they can be the first to
crash out too. I don't know whether the readers are
also dealing with these micro penny stocks but you
got to be really careful when you are dealing with them.
There are good money to be made from them as
their movement can be very drastic and thus provide
huge potential gains. But I believe I am not suitable
for such gungho stuff and I will stick with my more
"expensive" stocks.

For the time being, please practice caution and be
vigilant to the market condition. It may not turn out
to be as bad as what I expected, but you need to
be prepared. Those stocks that I mentioned in the
blog recently are not for Contra and are more
suitable with a short-mid term horizon. Do take note.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fraser Centrepoint short review

On the 10th June blog post, I wrote,
"Next, I don't know whether the readers did
notice that Fraser Centrepoint is now "coincidentally"
trading within my target price of $1.80-2 range
If you miss catching the stock near the 1.80 mark
I am sure that there will be another chance to grab
it near the mark, but you got to take action."
Indeed, for the next 9 trading days, the readers had
chance to buy Fraser Centrepoint for the first time
and for some, to buy again at near the 1.80 mark.
I believe that the average price for the readers who
bought recently will be around the 1.81 level as the
stock hover around this price range. Fraser is now
trading at 1.86 as of writing now, and the readers
should be sitting on a good paper profits now for
those who took action. I believe that the downside
risk is very low for Fraser and the upside potential
is huge. I don't want to give a clear target now but
the $2 mark that I stated in April can be and will
be cleared in the short-mid term in my opinion.
For those "I Should Have", I rest my case.

Some people asked me a very interesting question
which I also find me strangely amusing. Somehow,
the stocks that I recommended will not move the
following days, but will start to gain momentum and
speed up after like 1-2 weeks. This "strange" occurence
happened to Pacific Radiance, Fraser Centrepoint
and more recently Metro. I have no scientific explanation
for this happening but I am glad that the readers have
ample time to make the decision and to take action.
If a stock move immediately after I wrote, then the
readers may not be fully prepared and will likely
miss the boat. But as usual, there will be people who
will hope that they have more time to finally decided
and take the action. For them, I have to say that I have
no control over when and how the stock will move.

Lastly, some readers told me that the stocks that
I recommended are "Expensive". Why did I always
recommend those stock near or above the $1 mark
and why not those "Cheaper" stock?
I shoot back at the readers and ask them that if I
recommend a 50cts stock, will they then will buy?
As usual, I have those, "I will consider", "I may buy".
It is back to square one again. In my view, there is
no expensive or cheap stock, as long as the stock
will go up after I buy. And if you consider those
>$1 stock as expensive, then you are missing out
on a lot of great opportunities. But for the benefit
of those readers that really like to buy only penny
stocks, I will seek to uncover some hidden gems
among the "cheaper" stocks in the coming posts.



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