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Friday, January 8, 2010

Market View 8 January 2010

I will just keep it short today.
Some skype members asked me whether I am "looking
forward" to a more "redder" market and stocks.
I have to admit that although I am looking at a
hopeful profit-taking, I have to keep following the
stronger stocks while trimming out the weaker stocks.
The market is still looking reasonably steady with good
supporting hand out everytime when there are bargains
in the market. For the short term, it is unlikely we
will see a mass scale all-out sell-off of the whole market stocks.
Nevertheless, I know that if any drastic and unforeseen
circumstance arises, I am safe with my trailing stops
for the stocks.
A few members emailed me with (great) profits in Epure,
CSE, PEC & Midas, and thanks me for my recommendations.
I can only congrats them for their own profits as they are
the one who press the buy-sell button.
Look out for more stocks heading pass the $1 mark after
Midas and Swiber had crossed the line.

For this last trading day of the week, I am focusing on Epure,
CSE,CWT, PEC,Ezion, Swiber & Midas.

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict (Risk)Money-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others,you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

市场生存座右铭: 风林火山

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Market View 7 January 2010

Once again, Uncle Sam closed mixed with Dow and
S&P 500 up by 2 and 1 points while the Nasdaq fell
by 8 points. It is looking like the unemployment figure
and the labour market will be one of the main worrying
issue that is constantly the so-called "trigger" of any
market fall-back.

Ok, yesterday in my blog, I wrote "For short-term trading,
I will be focusing on Epure, CSE, CWT, PEC,Ezion, Swiber & Midas",
and guess what, I received 2 emails and one skype enquiry
about my stock selections. The questions surround that whether
I knew that there are fundamental news coming for the stocks
that I recommended.
The reason: Epure halt trading at mid-day after surging higher
and announced that it is going for a dual-listing in Hong Kong.
CSE announced winning several contracts during the lunch break
as well, and PEC announced after market close that it was awarded
oil terminal project works in Malaysia.

I can only say that there are lots of rumours in the market,
and yes, I did heard some "noises" about the stocks, but it is
all down to momentum and the charts of the stocks.
I said before that I followed winner stocks that is still on a
high note. If there are fundamental news coming, then it can be
considered as a bonus, or it may become a sign of sell-on-news.
If there are no news, then it maybe just a speculative push-up
or rotational play, and I just ride on the momentum and
jump off when the music is stopping with a trailing stop.
That is why I keep on saying, follow the winner stocks. Period.
And don't worry, we will have "helps" from the insitutions and funds
that will prospel the stocks with their "timely" research reports.
For example, BNP raised CSE target price from 98cts to $1.25.
Will the stocks move? It is still looking good.

For today and tomorrow's trading, I am still focusing on Epure, CSE,
CWT, PEC,Ezion, Swiber & Midas.

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict (Risk)Money-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others,you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

市场生存座右铭: 风林火山

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Market View 6 January 2010

The Market View is back today....
Ok, Uncle Sam had a mixed closing yesterday with the Dow
fell by 12 points, while the Nasdaq added 0.3 points &
S&P 500 gained 3.5 points. It has been a pretty good surge
for the indices and stocks except for that last trading day of
the year's drop. Are we going to step on the brake soon?
Yes, it is looking that way from what I see.

Back to our market situation.
We had a great run with the blues and the pennies surging
higher pre and post new year which is a good sign to see.
One skype member commented that he had not seen such
surge for quite some time, and hope for it to continue.
I answered that if it continues, then it is a pre CNY rally,
but as what I saw at yesterday closing bell, many pennies
closed way below their day-high. It will be nice if we can
have a short and healthy profit-taking session, digesting all
the recent surges and to focus ammo on the next surge.

If you want to trade today, then stick to those still at a high-note
and great momentum. I am always prepared for the wind-change
for I believe that it will be soon.
For short-term trading, I will be focusing on Epure, CSE, CWT, PEC,
Ezion, Swiber & Midas.

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict (Risk)Money-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others,you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

市场生存座右铭: 风林火山

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Must-See Must-In-Watchlist potential big profit stocks & IPOs

As promised in yesterday's blog posting, I will give a
die-die Must-see Must-In-Watchlist stock recommendation
for the trading year of 2010, but take note that it is just
another recommendation and you should still practice
your own judgement and evaluation of the stocks mentioned.

Some readers asked me whether they can achieve better if
not the same kind of returns from the stocks mentioned this
year against stocks like Noble, Olam and Yanlord that I
gave last year? I can only say that I believe that 2010 will
be another great trading opportunities and hence abundant
profits will be available. It is how you go about selecting the
time and price to go into a stock, and the money management
when the tide is turning. I will still continue to give market view
from tomorrow onward to help the readers achieving the
profit target that they want.

The Must-See & Must-in-Watchlist Trading stocks for 2010:
(not in any order or preferrence) (Many stocks given below
should trade above $1 very soon, and stay permanently above it)

1. CSE Global
2. CWT
3. PEC
4. Sinomem
5. Sinotel
6. Yingli
7. Epure
8. ASL Marine
9. Falcon
10. Mermaid
11. Metro
12. Ausgroup
13. CH Offshore
14. Ezion
15. Swiber
16. Midas
17. First Resources
18. Trump Dragon
19. YZJ
20. Swissco
21. Cosco (added)

I strongly believe that you can get a 100% or more returns
from a handful of stocks above when the north wind is blowing
as the market reaches a frenzy state at a certain month of the year.

As what I have mentioned in last blog, I believe that the techs
will be in the limelight this year, and I will closely monitor them
for any breakout and the whole sector coming into live.
There might be a few more techs that I missed out, if any
readers feel that certain stocks should be in the list, simply
email and/or skype me.

Techs watchout:
1. Hi-P
2. Broadway
3. Bright World (edited)
4. AsiaTravel
5. Innotek
6. DMX
7. MFS tech
8. Meiban
9. Beyonics
10. PCI
11. Silverlake
12. Huan Hsin (added)

Ok, what are some other stocks that is also worth taking a
look that are not on the above list? I noticed that a handful
of pennies seem to have a mind of its own, and will spur into
life when the mood comes, so I will thus provide a list on
this type of stocks too.

Potential mad-horse stocks that can spur into life:
1. Hoe Leong
2. Otto Marine
3. Uniasia
4. Financial One (F1)
5. Guccoleisure
6. Oceanus
7. Raffles Educations
8. Tiong Woon
9. AsiaFood Property (AFP)
10. United Enviro
12. Asia Enviro
13. ARA
14. Super Coffee
15. Ramba
16. Seroja
17. Breadtalk
18. Li Heng
19. China Kunda
20. Federal
21. Boustead (added 5)
22. China XLX
23. China Milk
24. Golden Agri
25. Mercator

Ok, what you should do after looking at my recommendations
is to put them into a watchlist, and watch and monitor closely
at them at any potential breakout and followthroughs.

IPO: I believe we will see a IPO galore this years, and we have
about 7 in the MAS Opera website waiting to be listed soon.
We will see many IPO powerhouses like Tiger Airway,
Mapletree, and a Indian company which name just slide off
my mind now.
What should we do in such an IPO buffet?
My advice is to set aside a sum of money just to be use for
applying for the IPOs using atm if you are not able to be
offered placement shares by your broker or remisier.
At this bullish market sentiment, most IPOs should
give a pretty decent returns on their debut, and you can
treat this as a kopi-$$ if you desire.

I will give a small tips as to when to show hand to apply
for a IPOs vs the others. Look out for "big names" in the
pre-investors and anchor investors having the bulk of
the placement shares. I for one like to see David & Han
in a IPO, as most of the stocks that they were (are) in
performed quite well on the first day of trading.
Many investors don't like to read the IPO prospectus,
and just anyhow apply for the stocks with the attention
of flipping for profits on the first few days of trading.
Frankly, you don't need to read the whole few hundred
pages of the prospectus, you simply need to focus on
a few important pages, like the pre-investors page that
I mentioned above for example.

Ok, I will close this blog entry for the time being after
giving the watchlist and discuss on the IPOs, and I will
continue to give market view from tomorrow onward.
Some readers may wonder who exactly are the type of
investors/traders reading my blog. I received an email
from one reader this morning and it goes,
"Gd Mrn bro,
Trillion thanks to that latest write up on ur blog! I wld like
to tell u how much I appreciate the work u had put up for
the public. no doubt I hv not been a regular visitor to ur
blog recently but I will nvr miss to read up when time permits!
At times aft reading, I wil compare the price u call for on the
day n the closing during my contra period and it will go,"alamak!
Miss that money making! Sux!" anyway bro, keep writing ya!
Cos there are many silent reader like me out there.
Best wishes for y2010"
It is for this type of silent readers that I am continuing to write
on the blog, and give out recommendations to enable the readers
to make money from Mr Market. It is actually not difficult to
make a profits in the market, but the issue is whether you can
preserve and increase it, and to get out when the tide is turning.

Fine, I rest my hand for the time being..... :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Market Recap and Look into 2010

In a flash, 2009 is now history, and we are in a new trading
year 2010, so I see that it is good that a recap of the past
trading activities of the year is being look-at, and also
look into the future trading days of 2010, and to see how
will Mr Market behave this year.

It is so interesting to note that I started this blog in October
at a time of market panic, depression and chaos, and guess
what did I write in the very first entry of the blog?
I wrote "My advise to mid-long term investor is to start putting
money into the stock market now, if your investment horizon
is at least 2 years", "we are pretty near to a market bottom,
and we should see global and singapore market gradually stablise
and consolidate."
If you are interested to look at history and see what exactly did
I write at that time, here is the link:

On the last trading day of 2008, I gave a list of stocks that will
perform superbly in 2009, and I am glad to say that they are the
great winners of the year 2009. This is the exact list that I wrote
in my blog on 30 December 2008.

The Must-See & Must-in-Watchlist Trading stocks:(not in any order or preferrence)
1. Ascendas Reits
2. Cosco
3. Ezra
4. Noble
5. NOL
6. Olam
7. Straits Asia
8. Swiber
9. Raffles Education
10. Yang ZiJiang
11. Yanlord
12. IndoAgri
13. Midas

At that time, you can still catch many of the above stocks well below
$1. Imagine having Cosco, Noble, NOL, Olam, Straits Asia, YZJ,
Indo at a great bargain price and look at how much they are trading
now. The returns can be described as incredible but succulent.
I received quite many emails at that time saying that the market
will be going down, and STI will fall below 1000 points and lower.
I replied them with a "you can stay sideline and watch the show
if that is what you want, but you will regret months later"

Indeed the market bottom-up in March and with all the liquidities
coming into the market, the surge rebound is really fast and furious
and that left many readers stranded and clueless about what to
do next. I continue to call for buying and accumulation into quality
stocks, and also at the same time, giving trading recommendations
to those readers who prefer to trade intra or contra for quick
but nevertheless good profits.

It was a good feeling that I started to receive good comments
from the readers "Your evaluations were indeed very reassuring
and confidence boosting. Appreciate very much if I could be in your
mailing list too. I think You are the most accurate analyst I've seen
so far.", "Hi,I'm a newbie to stock trading. Your posts are my great
guides for the past 2 months", "Hi SL,Honestly, I dunno what is the
best word to use!!! I have been ignoring your emails until last 2 days
I started to click to view ur blog.. I just BANG my chest!!!!!!!!!!!
No words.. all are listed yet I missed out so much.. HUGE Gains are
there... just pick only to ride the profit and .... Sob..cry... wasted...
I mark every of ur email as important now!!!"
If you want to see what others are commenting on the blog,

Ok, enough of the history lesson, now we should look
into the future to see how we can squeeze every cents out of
Mr Market in the year 2010.

I still believe that we should see a very good trading profits
in 2010, with returns coming from great trading opportunities
in the stock winners, and from capital gain from the invested stocks.
Will we be able to see a repeat in the returns of 2009 this year?
Seriously, I don't see why it is not possible again, but..just maybe
the returns will not be that incredible but it will be wonderfully
hefty profits again. But take note that it is not going to be a
smooth sail for the entire year. We will see storms, headwinds
along the way, but I don't see the ship capsizing but it will
always move on after all these "disasters".
I will give my Must-see, Must-in-watchlist recommendations
in the coming blogs so watch for it.

If you want to read some assuring pieces, how about straight
from our own Prime Minister Lee. In a column from Bloomberg
News last week, PM Lee said that "The worst of the global economic
crisis has passed and the world should see a return to "modest but
positive growth" in 2010, "The year 2009 has turned out better than feared,"
"Decisive responses by governments, and the coordinated efforts of the
Group of 20, succeeded in averting financial disaster and restoring confidence."
The prime minister added that governments need to take steps to "stabilize
their economies, protect their citizens and prepare their countries for
the recovery." He also emphasized that countries must avoid
"self-defeating protectionist measures" and work to revive the Doha
Round of world trade negotiations."

Ok, many readers will inviteably ask what are my stocks recommendation
for this year. I always like to tell people to stick to the winners,
they are the winners for many reason, which I don't really care for all,
but I do know that they are the funds and traders' favourite stocks
and are likely to continue for this year, until they fall out of favours,
and got kick-out of the round due to serious fundamental issues
from the company itself, or maybe it influence the entire sector.
But, don worry, there will always be new darlings of the market,
and old darlings being discarded, or maybe become the attraction
once again, it is just part-and-parcel of the game.

One bold forecast that I feel strongly about, and I am sticking
my head out for this view. I believe that the techs are finally
going to be in the limelight again after an about 10 years gap
when the tech bubble bursted. It is really time to closely monitor
the techs, and at the same time, accumulate the market leaders
as they will be the first to move when the techs wind start to form
and start blowing. Take note of techs like Hi-P, Broadway, HuanHsin
and the likes for a start.

I am still quite bullish about the Offshore and Marine, Commodities
and the Water/Enviromental sectors for this year, and it should come
no surprise if you have been following the blog for quite some time.
I received many emails from the readers last year asking why I never
look at the property stocks that is charging higher day-after-day.
I can only say that I like to stick to stocks that I know better,
and if you look at the trading returns, my recommendations outperform
the property stocks. I am no property-guru of any sort, but if you
ask me about the sector and maybe the property scene locally,
I can only tell you as long as the stock market is surging, the sector will
be Ok, but once the music stops, the bubble will burst too.

Ok, many readers are curious to know about my trading methods
which I understand. I don't have the holy-grail to 100% trading
winners, and I do have losses from trading, but as long as my
profits surpasses my losses, I will keep sticking to my trading
methods, while learning and evaluate other methods, and at the
same time fine-tuning my own methods.

After so many years of using the charts as a guideline to my
stock tradings, I know what works for me in the market, and
what don't. For a start, I don't believe that indicators work
in the stock charts, so you won't see me talking about RSI,
MACD, ADX, MAs in my blog, as in my very own opinion only,
they are useless in my view. Many people swear by all these
methods, and some even conduct lessons based on all these
commonly available indicators in the charting software, which I
find disturbing and distasteful, but if that is how some people
make their money, then I will leave to the consumers to make
the decisons.

One of the method that I have been using and it is doing
good for me is the Darvas Box method, which you can find out more
in my blog. I also believe in Patterns Recognision and Volume
analysis, Sentiment, Liquidity and Volatility, and other some
methods that I have gathered after so many years in SG market
which I cannot disclose, if not, I will have to eat grass from now on.
But if you know me well, you will know that I always reiterate that
the most important criteria in trading is all about know when
to get out of the market, both when you are right and hopefully
when you are dead wrong. That brings out the issue of Money Management
which many investors/traders don't really follow, and that
is how the market can move on everyday because there are so many
"Greater-Fool" in the market. If you don't know the "Greater Fool Theory",
then you maybe one, so read up on it by google the term.

I will stop here for the time being, and I will continue with the
Die-die must-see list very soon...


Please be aware that I am not a Certified or Qualified Financial Adviser, the views and recommendation on this blog is purely my own.

Please seek investment/trading advices from your Financial Professionals, Dealers, Remisiers before making any investing/trading decisions.

I will not be responsible and liable for any losses incur from my views and recommendations in my blog.

Take note that I may have current positions or seek to enter or add positions in the stocks that I wrote in my blog.

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