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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stock Lobang Mentor Group

This couple of days, I have been taking a very
relaxed and comfortable pace and my wife said
that I am enjoying life. I guess sitting around
and doing nothing other than reading up on
some good books and sleeping until the sun
is high up at the sky is considered enjoying life.

Anyway, one fine day, I checked my email and
there is a reader asking me when will the Stock
Lobang Mentor Group open its door again for
new application. Seriously, this thing completely
slipped my mind as I did promise a few readers
that it will open in the first week of December.
Ok, so the Mentor Group is open again for the
next one month or so till 12/1/2014

Please kindly refer to the below post for the
entry requrement.

Oh ya, before I forgot again, if you still have not
bought the ticket for the Value Investing Summit 2014,
then you need to do so asap.


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