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Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Market" Analysis

I was at Raffles Place today morning till about mid-afternoon
promoting the VVIP Preview of Principal Garden this weekend.
Inevitably, I bumped into some people from the stock brokerage
trade. There is a Mr X from a foreign brokerage that stopped
when I hand him a project flyer and started to chit-chat with me.
Unsurprisingly, the topic switched from property to stocks and
back circulated within this 2 topics. He was quite amazed that
I am quite knowledgeable with the market and of course my
favourite TA on some stocks. Too bad that he need to rush back
after the lunch to rotate with his colleague to go for lunch and
watch after the stocks. Nevertheless, the conversation was a
very refreshing one as recently, the only person that I still continue
to talk stocks with is my wife, and I guess she is getting tired
of it already.

Some readers and Mentor Group members thought that I had
quit the stock market totally and now focusing entirely on the
Property market. Well, the fact is that, although I can get quite
busy with the property stuff, as long as the readers and the Mentor
Group members have any problem or issue with the stocks,
you can still whatspp me, Nicholas @ 97509878.
There is a few conditions that I hope that you can take note.
Firstly, please do not ask me about those micro-pennies that
I simply do not look at or have no intention to look at.
If you really really want to ask about one micro-penny, kindly
provide me with a very strong reason why I should look at it.
Next, please whatsapp me with your stocks request and try not
to call me as I may be conducting presentation or viewing or
just simply filling up some forms and planning what to do next.
I will seek to answer your questions asap and if I did not do so,
please remind and remind me again as your whatsapp may be
lost in the amount of whatsapp that I received everyday.
Lastly, I will definitely give priority to the Mentor Group members
which had trusted me and joined a couple of years ago. Please
tell me that you are from the Mentor Group if you are really in it.
Don't worry, I do keep track of it and you can't bluff through.

I simply have to say this today: I will post more often in this and
the Mentor Group blog more often, and please support me as what
you have done so previously.

Ok, now for a few words on the Property Market if the reader don't
mind. If not, then please don't continue to read from now onward.

I believe that most readers are aware that I am now a RES with
ProNex Realty for about 2 years already. Some readers even
commented that I joined the industry and choose to leave behind
the stock market at the perfect time while others believe that I
entered at the worst time in the industry.
Well, I can only say that only Time will tell me whether I entered
at the best and worst period, but in my heart and mind, I believe
that I made the right decision and I just have to ride through the
wave or the storm if that is what you see it to be.

Anyway, my point is I believe that there is always Buyers and
Sellers in any market and that hold true in the Property sector too.
At this moment, there will still be readers who is thinking of upgrading
to EC or Private Property or even Landed and up to Commercial and
Industrial property, so if that is the case, please also contact me
and we can discuss further.

Whether it is stock or property market, I believe that,
" I Can Help You Make The Right Move"
Nicholas @ 97509878 



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