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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Market View 29 November 2012

Look like Olam is going to remain in the limelight
for quite some time. Yesterday, during its morning trading
halt, I told those readers who asked me about Olam
that I am going to buy the stock when the trading
halt was lifted and I will buy at the opening and within
those few crucial minutes. I told the readers that the
resistance is going to be at 1.57-1.58, and guess what
the stock's day-high was at 1.575. From what I know,
a few risk-taking readers hit the buzzer and managed
to make a handsome intra-day trade. The stock closed
at 1.50 way away from its day-high. I am still mid-term
positive on the stock and I continue to view the current
weakness as a great buying opportunity. If it suffers another
heavy selling, then what a wonderful time to pick up a
quality stock at such a battered price.

For the other stocks that I am also looking at, they
included: Biosensors, STX OSV, Yanlord, Yoma,
Noble, the 2 Es and CMZ.

On a side note, I wonder how many reader have watch
the latest Jack Neo's show, Ah Boys to Men? I watched
it last week when I was on "MC" and it was quite a funny
but enriching movie. It really make me recalled my BMT,
FT units, NSman life and period. Time passes by very fast,
and I have became MR (Military or Mindef Reserve) for a
few years, so for those curious readers, you can roughly
guess my age now. 8-) 

Enter any position with a Cut-loss level & Trailing Stop,
and Please practice strict Money(Risk)-management.
If you don't like what you see in the market,
simply don't trade.

If you have Skype, and would like to chat with me about
stocks and all others, you can ring me at my
email address:
I have currently a couple of members skyping with me
everyday,and they are having good trading results.
See their comments here:

As usual,
Stay Alert but be Aggressive too.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat !!

市场生存座右铭: 风林火山 


P.S.: I will add the theme song for the movie in the blog
for a couple of days. If you have not watch the show, you
really have to watch it asap if not you knock it down and
give me 50.

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